Monday, December 22, 2008

Tom Serson the Fraud‏

LOL...Tom Serson.  Where to begin?

The guy loves to talk about his work ethic and how it makes him better than everyone else.


(No Subject)‏
From: thomas severson (
Sent: May 16, 2008 12:18:12 AM

as close to 100 as you can iI get payed next thursday but im working lots 44 hour's a week not partying our anything its how work went im am golden staring the 6 of june i am in the clear and good i work enough now this check on thursday is 88 hours all do that again 2 more weeks im dont i feeel bad if you don't have it dont worry love yeah laters larte

Yes, Tom begging his mother for money. LOL. It's interesting that he always has weed to smoke in his videos, yet has to beg his mom for cash. So basically, he gets drug money from his own mom. LULZ

From: thomas severson (
Sent: July 15, 2008 8:46:36 AM
this is my email second can u lend me another 20 till friday i dont need it today i am still good till wed

Trust me, there is more. She also sends out all of his resumes for him and arranges for job interviews. Unfortunately, he fails and never gets hired. :( Poor Tommy.

It's ok, mommy will keep bailing you out, you epic failure.

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  1. Poor Timmeh

    If the GOD of spermsontology needs $20 CANADIAN till pay day what hope is there for his 3 followers?

    Or maybe his MOM is the GOD and he's the Messiah / son of God ?

    Mother Son & Holy Ghost, Hmmmmm

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