Monday, December 22, 2008

Conti's fail plan...

LOL - here is some of sam conti's fail plan.  I don't even have the words to react to this.
regarding /b/‏
From: sam conti (
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Sent: December 21, 2008 7:18:01 PM

yeah, that is correct. this is leading up to the next channel. i am going to make a video to release on Xmas eve saying "I Have Been SAVED" where i apologize to everyone for trolling them and tell them i have had a religious conversion and a spiritual awakening. i will go on about my new religion and what a profound change it has made in my life, and invite them to see this great faith for themselves at a channel i link in the sidebar.
that will be the Sersontology channel. i will tout that as the official religion of /b/. kind of like a new religion for a new millennium. then i can troll every religion + atheists + /b/.
you already have the EDiot crowd anyway, so they will follow you wherever. i will be kind of like a preacher. what i need from you is to decide what to call you. see, i want to mock the whole cult of personality personnae, yet in a serious way. @ worst it will just be good trolling, @ best, it just might work. i have already registered
i hope you can visualize where i am going with this. website, PayPal account, we are building a commune in Canada, the world will face calamity beginning on X/X/XXXX date and we must band together to prepare to weather the coming storm, etc. all that doomsday apolopytic bull shit.
this way all you have to do is vlog about the internet and humanity periodically, and i will handle the rest. this will be a channel i will fight to keep, i will counter DMCA etc. i want to do an Ysabella Brave type thing substituting you for the God head figure. it will be lulzXinfinity, quantum lulz, and hopefully spark a lollercaust. then we can work on going viral. i will get the software to make myboss style videos, and make the exact opposite videos he makes. every attack he does on you, i will counter with similar praise of you while i mock him and Bob as Scientologists and Alien beings who have a vested interest in silencing you. /b/tards just might buy it.
i will find a place where you can upload videos you want me to put on that channel that nobody will know of. we are already causing MASSIVE butt hurt, this will be a fun way to widen the audience.
Happy Holidays
- Sam
BTW - Do a whois search on 

Is dat some conti docs?  Good job, idiot.   /b/ is not your personal army, and I'm sure they will enjoy those docs.


  1. Check that site tomorrow

    It will go *POOF*


    ; o )

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